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him several more times in the chest. as officer faulkner lay dying in the streets defensely, abu-jamal shot him in the face, killing him. at the hornghts abu-jamal brag -- at the hospital, abu-jamal bragged that he had shot officer faulkner and expressed his hope that he would die. at trial, he was remorseless. he interrupted the proceedings and insulted the judge and even smirked at officer faulkner's widow when the bloodstained shirt was held up in court as evidence. four eyewitnesses saw abu-jamal gun down officer faulkner, four eyewitnesses. three more witnesses at the hospital heard him confess to the crime. ballistics evidence approved that officer faulkner had been shot with a handgun registered to abu-jamal, which was found at the scene of the murder along with the shell casings. based on this overwhelming evidence, abu-jamal was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. what followed was a 30-year effort by the far left to glorify abu-jamal and to exonerate him. this effort was taken up by law professors, left-wing activistes, and in 2009 by the organization which the no
dispute processes that are based on decisions on the merits and not technical defenses. there was a great burst of activity in the american community. the national gallery, nancy returned a piece of art, which they found which was well-known, at the chicago art institute, and others. but then what happened is, after a terrific momentum creating a search engine, so a claimant wouldn't have to go to one or different museums in the united states, they could buy one going into we go to all 100 museums. all of this was done, christie's and sotheby's established and still have full-time employees who look for any suspect art, and i was in any given year a dozen are returned and won't be sold. but here's what happened, and it's a shame. is that momentum was lost. the leadership of the u.s. show really began to dissipate, and the museums overtime started to assert technical defenses when claims were made like, for example, the statute of limitations has run. they even preemptively filed injunction suits to prevent claims before they were made. they said they did it after researching it themselves
the case in arizona, businesses to use religion as a defense in a private lawsuit. so to give you an example of how that might play out, you know, let's say you live in a state where it's illegal to fire someone because they're gay. now, if one of these bills passes, that company could turn around and say, oh, hey, i think homosexuality is a sin, therefore i'm going to fire you and i don't need to abide by this law. so, you know, that lawsuit provision is a big deal. >> i know in some of the cases, in some of the states where they've been considering this, the lawsuit provision works in such a way not only can you not sue somebody for discriminating against you, but if you do, you have to pay their legal fees as well as your own so it's almost a punishment for even complaining about being discriminated against. it's fascinating stuff and fast-moves story. dana lieblson, reporter for "mother jones." nice to see you. >> thanks for having any. >>> the federal prosecutor's investigation of the george washington bridge scandal in chris christie's new jersey has taken a turn today. we'v
sign up to fight in the nation's defense. the news comes to an army study in risk in service members. stars. it's funded by the army and the national institutes of mental health. three new star today were released this week in the journal of american medical association's psychiatry article. one-half of troops suffered from some form of mental illness before they entered the military. one in five in panic disorder or adhd and one in ten had intermittent explosive disorder, a tendency for anger and sudden rage. this was five times higher than the average rate in the civilian population. it was seen as the most common risk factor for suicide at behavior. in the height of the wars in afghanistan and iraq, between 2004 and 2009, the military suicide rit more than doublinged since the pentagon started tracking the number in 2001. 569 soldier's deaths were ruled suicides during that period. 2012 saw a peak in military suicides, 349 service people taking their own lives. >> we also need to keep improving mental health services. >> at an address in the national convention, president obama
of the two military commands and review of the 2015 defense authorization. some of the other topics include nsa surveillance programs and the use of strategic nuclear arsenal. they testified for about two hours and 15 minutes. >> [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everybody. today we begin our annual posturings with the combatant commands by receiving testimony from the u.s. strategic command of the u.s. cyber command, a sub-unified command of the u.s. strategic command. let me welcome admiral cecil haney in his first appearance before the committee as the command of u.s. strategic command, and general keith alexander in what may be his final appearance before the committee as command of the u.s. cyber command. general alexander also serves as we know as director of the national security agency, and when he retires at the end of next month he will by far be the longest-serving nsa director in history, and we thank you both for your extraordinary service. this hearing comes at a time of reduced budgets across the u.s. government, including the department of defense. even though this
the protesters. now the question in washington, how do you respond to vladimir putin? our secretary of defense gave a warning to russia today like sort of cold war style. it is unclear whether putin is listening. a top russianing new agency says the ukrainian president is staying in a kremlin guesthouse and still considers himself the president and plans a news conference tomorrow. he scened from ukraine during protests. ukraine is smith between a pro-east and a pro-west. the future of the ukrainian people is hanging in the balance. and putin ising ignoring calls from the west to stand down. putin is pushing his tough-guy image these days, made famous in these shirtless pictures. he has ordered war games along russia's western border right where it meets ukraine and making sure the world sees him flexing his military muscles. releasing this ridow of fighter jets training. secretary of state john kerry says putin claims the drills have nothing to do with ukraine. secretary kerry says he is asking the russians to let ukrainian make their own doeses. >> i talked to the foreign minister and we tal
henneberg is live in washington with more. >> fox news confirmed that defense secretary chuck hagel spoke to his russian counterpart today about the situation in ukraine. pension officials said there are no military contingency plans for ukraine. we don't expect to hear from the president again today, although we possibly could get an offcamera update from the white house if there are new developments. in president obama's remarks yesterday he warned russia any violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing. >> represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by ukrainian people. it would be a career violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and borders of ukraine. >> the president said united states will stand with the internationiale community in affirming there will be, quote, costs for any military intervention in ukraine by russia. some republicans are questioning what that means. what it means to russian president vladimir putin, especially since russia appears to be sending military assets and troops into the c
. between the department of defense and the va and i know we're in the process of tearing that down. we're one family. when you take that oath and say i'm going to serve this country, it should go right on through. there shouldn't be this wall and this divide between the opportunities that exist to take care of our troops. electronic medical records that he spoke about, to me that is a shame and delays care, makes it more difficult to have a smooth flow of care. i do see positive things. i was at base luis mccord last year and seen start upprograms where they are focusing on transition at the time of ets. and it makes sense to me if you are disabled, getting a medical separation that your level of disability can be determined at that time and carry over into the va. instead of having to go through these processes and having redone the services. there's other things i see starting to take place and that's guiding as they are leaving the military into being able to use the skills they learned in the military and translate them into civilian work and helping them get there and guidance on
, man, edge knows that oscar is innocent. he's taking that as intimidation. today, the defense attorney gave hints on timing. he said to this witness you call security at 3:13 a.m., and that call lasted 58 seconds. then you got to your balcony to continue to witness what was happening at 3:17. oskar eriksson at 3 in the 19:50, you get the idea how precise the timings are becoming now, called for help after he had broken the door down. so what the defense is saying now to this witness. you didn't hear gunshots, you heard oskar eriksson breaking down the bathroom door with a cricket bat when he realized that reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend was shot or wounded inside. and we've had testimony from the fourth witness taking the stand, a professional boxer, friend of oskar eriksson, looked up to him because he was helping him with his diet for his training. talking about how they were in a restaurant just over a year ago. oskar eriksson passed a pistol under the table. he was told there was a bullet in it. the bullet discharged, hit the floor. oscar asking a friend to take the blame for that.
spilling out any u.s. military role in ukraine. >> this morning the defense department is pursuing measures to support our allies stepping up joint training through aviation detachment in poland. it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting the participation in n.a.t.o.'s air policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >> robert english is the director of the international school in southern los angeles. i want to replay that tape with the u.n. ambassador being detained in a cafe against his will, and then being escorted out of the country and as we see this, what do you make of what is going on right now in the capitol of crimea? >> reporter: things are in danger of spinning out of control. we're really at risk of some spark, provocation, accident, leading to major loss of life, and then some much larger and more deadly conflict. precisely incidents like this which we've been lucky to avoid so far are why we need to step back, both sides cool the rhetoric and begin working back channels of diplomacy to find a compromised solution. nobody is going to win this continuing on the
. that's the price of this tactic, if you withdraw your defense from these -- of these laws. there may not be someone there who can advance the case. >> it's like these laws are almost like criminal defendants who get a state appointed lawyer, but in their case, the state appointed lawyer doesn't show up, and nobody else hassed power to step into his shoes and so big shock, these laws tend to fall. >> that's what's so troubling. i happen to agree with the president in this area, i did not agree with how they handled doma and these cases. as lawyers, we have an obligation to the legal process. we should have a full and fair hearing of these issues. there's good faith arguments on both sides, i just don't agree with one side. >> but eric holder is saying, and he said it at the federal level, what was unusual about what he did at the federal level when he close not to defend the defense of marriage act, he had been defending it for a year and a half, and suddenly he went in and said, there is no good faith basis on which this could be defended. that was unusual, because he had just been d
watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. i don't want to pay anymore. at the end of the show i'm answing a lot of your questions and concerns. you can ask me what is in the deal. by e-mailing. keep it to a minimum. some get a little too personal. the camera adds 50 pounds. [laughter] meanwhile, new chair janet yellen a breath of fresh air. >> federal reserve simply doesn't have authority to supervisor or regulate bitcoin. neil: that's right. but unusual will someone in washington saying not our job that the fed doesn't have the authority which is making you a lot of you think -- have the authority to step in and regulate everything els 90% of what hey regulate. another from ben who write it was a hint,int to obama to sign an executive order to give them the authority to regulate bitcoin. we don't kno for sure. but we know a lot of you are green. we call it -- [inaudible] there's a limit to what i can do. look what the fed
the russian intervention they saw france defenses and defense minister in those images. he's called for an inquiry. back home into her osman an abuse of female soldiers is following the publication of a damning book here in the nation of posts europe's highest number of women in uniform. rachelle harrison explains this woman spent a decade in the french army. it only hurts the special album to show for it. filled with memories of a leaky case to the high range eighteen months ago. she says she was the victim of was sold by a superior. today she speaks no. sad that no one in fiji women s tuesday i went with our pain and he would call me on that to me infinite pains me he wanted to see me he was thinking of me that i would rather kiss nine extension. during the beginning i tried to reason with him calmly and gently enough to sometimes saying that in black. i miss them and sometimes even married friend and mentor he reacted very very badly during a business trip she found herself staying in the same hotel as adults. he summoned town for a meeting it's called carousel and behavior that
all because the department of defense refused to classify the assault as anything but workplace violence. now those soldiers being hit with more bad news. their live expenses are set to skyrocket. sergeant lunsford was shot seven times in that attack, not able to get the benefits he deserves and now this. how does this resonate with you? i'm talking about the proposed budget cuts and what it means to people like you? >> with the budget cuts that are coming down for our current service members, it is very detrimental to them. it's basically showing them they're not worth that much. in terms of war, this is like being a body being expendable, g.i. issue. it is sad because when we join the military they say we're family strong first as far as army component. with everyone else, it kind of makes you wonder is this a choice we really should make and that's a large because we do need to defend our standard of living in our country. >> quickly, 9/11 we had a different enemy than we had on september 10. the only thing we know is we're not ready to fight any battle let alone the one that
in as little as 15 minutes. but the defense says kennedy made an honest mistake and that the prosecution has not proven its case. >> hopefully the jury will agree. >> reporter: in a case where no one disputes the facts, it will all come down to kennedy's judgment. >> the issue ultimately will be whether she realized that she was under the influence of ambien and yet continued to drive. >> reporter: if convicted, kennedy could lose some driving privileges. she also faces up to a year in jail. it's unlikely she'd actually serve they time, though, because she doesn't have a record. kennedy has pleaded not guilty and the trial could continue through the week. robin? >> all right, mara, thanks very much. >>> to the latest on the mysterious shooting of a prominent new york real estate tycoon and political power broker at his castle, one of the biggest private homes in the u.s. gary melius says he has no idea who would want to harm him. abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning, with his would-be assassin on the loose, the owner of one of america's largest and most exclusiv
pistorius trial. here's a look inside the courtroom in south africa. today the defense is challenging a couple's testimony that they heard screams and gunshots coming from pistorius's home the night he shot his girlfriend. pistorius's next door neighbor broke down on the stand yesterday recalling the screams that she heard. >> the shots [crying] >> at one point pistorius -- you can see him as he puts his hands over his ears appearing to block out his testimony. he has pleaded not guilty. we'll keep watching this case. >>> at this hour officials are preparing for a more extensive investigation into that massive gas explosion that blew apart a condominium complex leaving one woman dead and seven others hurt. this happened in ewing, new jersey, after contractors responded to a power problem, hit a gas line. neighbors say the force from the blast felt like a bomb. >> it kind of blew me back like 10, 15 feet. it was just chaos outside. people were crying, nobody knew what was going on. >> look at that right there. this house is blown to bits. several of those homes were leveled. most of th
defense won the battle on the glass. forced 16 turnovers and held all- star stephen curry in check. curry tied a season low with five points on 2-of-10 shooting. that left the door wide open for the bulls 103-83 win. it's the warriors first loss since the all-star break. final: 103-83 bulls warriors first loss since the all-star break kron4's jackets and so is live at the bay bridge this morning. >>: good morning. it is windy out here. all across the richness and rafeal and also the bay bridge. they both have wind advisories for good reason. the wind is gusting. i'm not in a higher profile the the culprit a van. a lot of those high- profile vehicles will have to be careful. with the combined combined that with the fact that the rain. obviously as the storm blows through the bay area on the top end of it that's when you're gonna get those wind gust especially when you're out of its ban on those bridges. take a little slow. the roadways are still wet. slow down this morning. >>anny: jackie, thank you so much. >>:the first of the blue angels. arrived at oakland airport yesterday. after a yea
grno. and see if someone can steal your life story? mark is a former prosecutor and defense theerl. and a list is an analyst. she said that the now character in grand theft autois eerily similar to her. also a daughter of a mob boss turned snitch. she then becomes a reality star. mark, is the game allowed to steal your life story? >> no, that's not what they did. it is a money grab. she doesn't own the right to any story to do with the mob. there are similarity ares. but the courts will gave latitude for stories on real events. i had a story based on my life. i got a lawyer. but i didn't sue. that 40-year-old virgin movie was my life. >> no one going to see that. >> you are not paying 14 bucks to see that? >> no. >> does she have a case? a that. >> i'm not paying a cent to see that. >> does she have a case, a $40 million case? >> it sounds like a stretch but she actually really does. she has a right to her image, and a right to make money on that image. she has a book out there. she's clearly making money. they didn't offer her anything for it. she clearly has a case. gwen stefani
and self-defense and armed struggle, which is one facet but there were so many other multiple facets. the greatest thing that the panthers provide us is with a real context of looking at the united states in a critical way. so the panthers, they quote from the declaration of independence in their ten-point program, yet at the same time they have a real critique of capitalism and democracy. so the panthers are very, very interesting group as a black group that is inspired by what goes on around in lawrence county, alabama, in oak lean, and spreads across the country and throughout the world, going to have international chapters, chapter in algeria, and have this burgeoning iconography. there are talking about state-sanctioned violence, poverty. the criminalization of african-american men and women, even in the 1960s. so the panthers were on the cutting edge of so much of the political activism that we see in the 21 not century, including struggles against mass incarceration, prison industrial complex, open season on young black men. panthers were talking about nat 1966, 1967. oakland,
the crimean self defense units and the regular ukrainian army and is on a diet reports from moscow britain insists that the russian army's actions were justified. press conference on tuesday russian president biden who has said russia would not recognize the new government of the cray because it was elected under what's called the conditions of terror. he said because he's into presidents parliament speaker was under two channels was not a legitimate president in the list of changes counties dvd in ukraine. but that should be done only in the need to slip away. within the framework of the current constitution in all my over riding. i knew that the eu the pope insisted that his decision to send additional troops to pray and follow that rule from the printed page. russia considers legitimate preston's and the bus and decided to respond. they use can we conclude that if we see lawlessness county in eastern regions of the people. this however we have already an official request from the current legitimate president. we reserve the right cues all options and our disposal to protect those citize
news, scarlett? >> a russian defense minister issuing orders to conduct a check of combat readiness of its military districts. they basically want to test the combat readiness of the armed forces across western russia on wednesday. ,his began at 2 p.m. local time running through march 3, which is next monday. so, russia is readying combat troops with urgent military drills that come up, of course, with the tension in ukraine increasing. you can see the dollar ruble increasing. raking through as the ukrainian the wordingt to use correctly, ukrainian currency collapsing earlier this morning. markets are reacting to this news. >> by the way, first the olympics, now we get the announcement on troop movements. right? >> first things first. if the cameras off, get the journalists out of the country. >> this is why they were officially following the upheaval in ukraine, now they are readying combat troops. >> coming up for you, to dollar trillion is what airbus predicts the global demand for airplanes will be in the next two decades. we will discuss, next. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. i
. but look at defense? senior managers can be fired now and things are being handled. these employees should be held accountable for performance. >> the person that leaked this audio, was that person fired? >> that was a marine that said i will do this to my fellow veterans. he was forced to accept a payoff and was fired for blowing the whistle. >> we will stay on this, pete. pete hegseth prom from washington. >>> this is caught on camera all too often. >> large tornado right there. >> powerful. but can they be stopped? one plan has a plan to stop these twisters in their tracks >> and better than winning the lottery. how a couple struck gold in the ground. right there. and lots of it. >> didn't need a pix or ax even. nicely done. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list a
done six times since february of last year. it's something that the defense minister likes doing to put the military through its paces and basically exposes any flaws in the system and allows the ministry to become more efficient. at least, that's the thinking behind it. having said there is no connection between this military alert and what's going on in ukraine, i think the russian government would be well aware that reminding it's rivals and it's neighbors of russian military might at a time when russian military influence has just taken a big dent in central europe certainly won't hurt russian interests at all. >> traumatic new pictures from a refugee camp in syria. this is in a makeshift camp of tents in the middle of a war zone made up mostly of bombed out buildings. roxana has been looking into this for us. >> reporter: the story i'm about to tell you is a story of hardship. this photo shows hordes of people tired, hungry and gaunt. they're ready to get food from u.n. which started delivering food last month. it's dangerous work. the camp is caught in a cross fire between syrian
it is when and when it comes we won't be ready. this during the time our defense budget is being cut to preworld war ii levels. at least the troop commitment. homeland security expert thinks the terrorism is no longer our biggest immediate threat. that cyber warfare is. they are joined at the same dangerous hip? >> yes, they are. connection between the cyberattack and fiscal attack. you shut out the lights and bring the attack to the streets of america. neil: but what could, help me here. what is considered cyber? what is cyber area? >> anything that that uses computerize system. refer to scata, supervisory control and data access. we control all the big things from power plants to dams, spillways, through the use of a computer. we send out a radio signal and tell them what to do. the concern of course you get into these operating systems and you manipulate them in a way thaw either mask what's going on, so in other words, a take fills up supposed to let out bad material before it get as certain level. you have a gauge, the gauge gets taken off-line. neil: don't we, starting to -- yo
and former defense secretary. all right, peter, this is a delicate situation in many, many ways. we have a complicated situation here with russia, how far publicly can the president go when we need to be aligned with them on other issues? >> yeah, shannon, i mean, where is the reset button when you need it? you know, this administration's policy towards russia has been a failure. i think what the president could have done is come out earlier as you mentioned in your lead-in, too little, too late. there is some value in strategic ambiguity, you're trying to involve yourself in further diplomacy, this should have been done a long time ago. and unfortunately this administration, like so many other issues is behind the power curve. >> all right, we want to play a little bit about what charles krauthammerer said earlier, after watching the statement the president made from the white house. >> the ukrainians, and i think everybody is shocked by the white house and the fact we've done nothing of importance. >> what else can we do? knowing all the other issues on the table as charles points out.
's day. already, both the defense and prosecution have made their opening statements, and the prosecution called its first witness. >> neighbor michelle burger testified she heard blood curdling screams on the night steenkamp was killed. the defense questioned her account of events and accused her of speculating. >> one of nasa's centers here in california. is being renamed in honor of astronaut neil armstrong. it's the center for atmospheric flight research on edwards air force base in southern california. it's known for scientific research. using aircraft like this "global hawk." armstrong was a former research test pilot at the center. and, of course, the first man to step on the moon during the apollo 11 mission in 1969. neil armstrong died in 2012. a formal public ceremony for the name change is planned for the spring. >> , not on the kron4 new is. a toddler is in critical condition after an accident in fremont. we will have more on [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [
cann, ellsbury and beltran, that's a tremendous load of offense. there's questions about the infield defense but it's going to come down to tanaka being able to adjust to the united states. how sabathia gets stronger having lost 40 or 50 pounds and whether he can get back to what he was two or three years ago and i think roberts is going to be terrific closing. it allful it's awfully hard following that act named rivera. >> and where does tanaka fit following with hideo nomo and some that have not worked out for teams. >> he's probably a notch below yu darvish. he hasn't spiched very well on less than six days' rest. when he starts to throw 93, 94 miles an hour his control has been a problem. how he adjusts to the strike zone of the united states and the hitters in the american league east is something no one in the yankees really knows. he'll be good and he'll give them innings. how great remains to be seen. >> there's been one significant rule change over the winter and that's to try to prevent collisions at the plate, bust are posey-type injuries, things like that. as the rule plays out t
about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. of gunmen have seize add parliament building in the southern part of ukraine. people are being toll -- told to stay away. russia is sending in thousands on f troops for military drills. >>> back here at home, arizona's governor vetoing a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse to serve gays. it touched off a national fire storm. she says she shot down the measure because it was too broadly worded and she feared negative and unintended consequences. >>> former nfl star aaron hernandez has now been reportedly isolated inside a massachusetts jail following an altercation with an inmate. he will have to spend at least 23 hours a day inside his cell. hernandez is facing murder charges. >>> here's a phone you could have. the james bond smart phone. it encrypts all call. if someone tries to open the casing, it deletes all data. boeing says it can be configured to connect with satellites. they're keeping it extremely hush hu
is the secretary of state, john kerry has been doing so. so, too, has chuck hagel, the secretary of defense. all making very loud and clear and public statements that they are watching. that they are concerned and that they want this to all be resolved peacely. russia is bound by treaty that it signed with other nations when ukraine first became independent after the fall of the soviet union. voluntarily gave up its nuclear arsenal. russia is bound by treaty, not to intervene in ukraine. so that is the legal basis that people are hoping will be respected. >> christiane amanpour, appreciate your insight this morning. thanks so much. >>> also new this morning, tensions are rising along the korean peninsula. south korea says its communist neighbor to the north, north korea, has fired four short-range missiles into the east sea. north korea has been protesting joint military drills that are now being conducted by the united states and south korea. >>> a routine flight from los angeles to oakland ended with a quick evacuation in almost complete darkness for passengers and crew aboard a delta sky west
on the situation. scare of state john kerry says he is in direct contact with russia's foreign minister. defense secretary chuck hagel is taking a very different tact. warning them to stay out of the ukraine. >> for more on this, we have a contributing editor at atlantic media. talk about a confusing situation. it feels like a very critical moment in what direction this crisis is going to go. you have two airports where they have armed gunmen, you have the ukrainian government saying it's an armed invasion by russia. what do you think this tells us? >> russia suffered a big defeat with this revolution of viktor yanukovych. i think what putin is trying to do is send a message that ukraine cannot be anti-russian. one of the leverages they have is the area of crimea. it used to be part of russia, not part of the ukraine. maybe half the people in the crimea are ethnically russian. so by stirring up some kind of secession sentiment there, it's a way of sending a message to the capitol kiev, if you go too far, we're going to stir up a movement that's going to cause you a lot of problems. >> do you thi
gaze, walk and turn and finger to the nose. in his defense, those are all very challenging. >> they're almost like those dutch wooden shoes, right? what are they? i don't know. we'll get to the bottom of it. >>> incredibly intense moments on the basketball court, two games both giving us heart-stopping, last-second shots! joe carter breaks down what you missed while you were sleeping. >> i can't wait to see that. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly. everyone. not one, but two college basketball games decided in overtime with last-second shots. oh, my gosh, i can't wait because i had this league, but i had to see this. joe ca
. >> reporter: in closing arguments thursday, kennedy's defense argued common sense and the lack of evidence will tell you there's no proof she was aware she ingested the zolpidem, a generic form of ambien. kennedy testified that on the morning of the accident, she mistakenly took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication on her way to the gym. dr. david benjamin, a clinical pharmacologist testified for the defense. >> she drove for a long time without having any problem at all and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: in her closing, prosecutor doreen lloyd insisted that kennedy must have felt drowsy or dizzy before the accident. when someone falls asleep, they get tired, they get drowsy. they rest their eyes and fall asleep. lloyd closed by referencing kennedy's own book "speak truth to power" telling the jury, you will speak truth to power and convict kerry kennedy of the crime she committed. kennedy is also the ex-wife of new york governor andrew cuomo. now, to convict her, the jury has to find that, yes, she was driving, yes, she was driving under the influence of a
suspended by the nfl network. we'll see what happens with the latest allegations and his defense, as well. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >>> up next, explosive new allegations surrounding the boston bombings. a new report now suggests the attacks could have been prevented if police solved a triple murder beforehand, that's what one reporter uncovered and the writer of this explosive article will join me live. >>> and in just hours, we'll get a look at president clinton's unreleased documents. thousands of formerly classified docs will be released to the public. mark murray will join us to talk about if there's any significance there. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry, but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start buildi
at this point in your own defense? landau may have been the maestro of his craft, but there have been others thieves. two summers ago, prosecutors put leslie waffen behind bars. he was in charge of the archives' audio and film records department. he stole thousands of original recordings and sold them on ebay, gems like this eyewitness account of the hindenburg disaster. >> it's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. the smoke and the flames. oh, the humanity! >> simon: another employee stole most of the presidential pardons from the philadelphia archives, as well as hundreds of photos taken by astronauts in space and on the moon. do you look on ebay for suspicious documents? >> brachfeld: that would be one of the sites we would look at. many times, when a thief is trying to move a document on the internet, the buyer may be a federal agent. and that's real sweet. >> simon: you're talking sting operations? >> brachfeld: yes. >> simon: have you been successful with sting operations? >> brachfeld: yes. we ask our sentinels, historians and collectors and dealers, to help us. we go where a lot o
this issue, all this from michael sam, the missouri defensive end who came out and is now expected to be the first openly gay professional football player, then there's jason collins, he came out in may. that's right, after 67 years from when jackie robinson broke baseball's color line in brooklyn, collins broke basketball's identity line in brooklyn. these athletes, these moments, i don't think they are just an uplifting aside to the political story, they are one of the drivers to the politics here because the historic discrimination of gay americans often left the nation unaware of so many great gay americans. from sports, to pop culture, america has more gay friends today than it's ever known before. joining us now to look at this, sarah kate ellis and dana liebelson. what do you make of the events and whether there's something bigger happening than just a veto in arizona? >> hi, good morning. i think what's happening, now gay people are a part of the american values system and we're included and i think we're seeing that in the south. we saw that in arizona, and we're seeing th
down at a big rate, a big drop in children ages two to five. the defense democratic plan to go scale back the u.s. military, that has people in pakistan living in fear. >> the aljazeera morning news continues and del is right back with you in just two minutes. >> an ultimatum from the white house, the new approach to getting out of afghanistan. >> it was not safe to keep my children in that area. they were discretioned due to hovering drones. >> the defense department planning to down size america's military, striking fear in the hearts of some in pakistan. employers refusing to hire anyone who smokes. >> please, somebody tell me he's alive. >> this woman watches at her husband dies, that case head to go court. >> we are seeing sentencinging now in the murder trial in the lee rig by case. a british soldier brutally killed on the streets of london last year. both men charged convicted of murder two months ago could be facing life in prison. we are outside the courthouse in london where both men are now awaiting sentencing. phil, we hear there is a heavier police presence outside the c
but not scout leaders and officers are first defense dealing with mentally ill but people who need help are arrested and created like criminals and shows how one texas department is looking to break the cycle. >> as a father of seven mike is stretched thin. >> it's like a referee sometimes. >> reporter: his 15-year-old has aspergers, a form of autism and needs extra attention. >> lack of understanding of other people. >> reporter: with the exception of a texas police officer, monique hall who met his son a year ago after he ran away from home. hall is part of the bedford police department unit, with breaking a pattern of responding to or arresting the same people for the same crimes. hall makes frequent visits to mike's home becoming a familiar face to the troubled teen. >> he will talk to her and excited at times to see her. >> reporter: after reviewing data police chief roger gibson noticed a trend, most repeat activity came from two groups, victims and offenders who suffer from mental illness or domestic violence. gibson's unit targets two groups, attempting to build relationships
he's an abuser. >> dr. phil: you get defensive really quick. >> announcer: with a shocking discovery. >> dr. phil: melissa went missing this morning. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: i hate to see people suffering. you've hurt long enough. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: i'm going to get you the help you need. this is going to be a changing day in your life. >> dr. phil: when i first saw this video, i frankly could not believe my eyes. i had to look at it
her defense. a toxicology expert testified that kennedy may not have realized she was impaired which is what she has insisted all along. >> now a disturbing story about people accused of profiting off the 9/11 attacks. law enforcement officials say some of new york city's finest and bravest have not been honest. devin dwyer has more on a scam to pocket disability fund. >> one by one former police officers and firefighters arrive in cuffs. more than two dozen new arrests, part of a widening dragnet over a scam linked to 9/11. prosecutors say the defendants stole from the social security administration. some faking 9/11-related post traumatic stress to claim disability payments. >> these are dollars that are reserved for people who truly need it the most. >> in reality, some of the 130 accused have been living high on life. in court filings last month, prosecutors cited photos, videos and social media posting that show the defendants do not appear to be disabled. despite claiming they couldn't use a computer, could not drive, or could not shop. former police officer, glenn leiberman ar
. it was interesting that they felt so defensive that they had to strike out. if us and arizona are heading that way, it's a clear statement that that's the way the country is headed. >> your efforts paid off. >> thank you, joining us from phoenix. >> the group alliance defending proce freedom which helped write the bill said this: >> coming up later - first lady michelle obama will announce changes to nutrition labels. the label makeover marks the first in some 20 years. erica pitzi joins us to explain. is this cosmetic or is there science behind this? >> there's science behind this. consider this - more than 40% of working adults read the consideration labels. system make it easier to understand. the original labels are based on eating habits and data from the 70s and '80s. the food and drug administration says it's time for an update. >> first off information about calories and fat making way for the calorie count, which will be bigger and bolder print. serving sizes will have a prime minister incident print. they'll reflect portions people eat as shown by studies, so they'll be bigger. shown on
to afghanistan after that proposed attack to help train taliban fighters. defense lawyers argue llaneza suffers from mental illness. >>> we have new information about one of the men who pled guilty to beating bryan stow. a judge ordered marvin norwood to remain in custody on an unrelated weapons case until his trial begins. the judge called him a flight risk and danger to society. last week, he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating stow outside of dodger stadium in 2011. his codefendant, louie sanchez, has five years left in his eight-year sentence. >>> brian stow was among those attending the memorial in santa cruz honoring two fallen police officers. stow was a paramedic from the santa cruz area. and he was among the large crowd that came out in a rain storm to honor butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. exactly one year after they were killed in the line of duty. colleagues of the fallen officers say they are touched by the large turnout. >> i really feel like the community is saying we're still here with you. we're in this together and we won't forget the sacrifices of the
. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. welcome back a federal judge ordered the state of kentucky to recognize same sex marriages performed out of state and the earlier ruling through out the ban against gay marriage and the attorney general is reviewing the judge's ruling and 30 days to decide if the state will appeal the decision. a small central california town is without one-third of the police force after a group of officers were booked in a car theft scheme. six officers were arrested early this week in king city, 150 miles southeast of san francisco. the men ordered hundreds of cars to be impounded and either kept them for themselves or resold for profit and 200 cars were seized and many owned by hispanic drivers. >> and they are disadvantaged and not always english speaking and said something that really resonated with me, the police, they are taking our property, they are taking our cars, they take our money and we can do nothing about that. >>
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